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Dr. Anita Panda anitap492004@yahoo.com


Former Professor & Head Cornea Service (Ophthalmology)

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences,

AIIMS, New Delhi

Former President, All India Ophthalmological Society

Vice President, MM Cornea Society

President, Delhi Odiya Doctors Association

Former Chairperson, Eye Donation Co ordination Committee



  • To UG, PG, Nursing, BSc Ophthalmic Techniques and Post Doctoral students since 1976
  • Examiner for UG, PG, BSc Ophthalmic Technique students at various University in the country and abroad since 1980
  • Introduced PG course at BPKIHS, Dharan, Nepal (GOI aidede Institute) in 1999
  • Invited for PG teaching at different Medical Colleges at home and abroad.
  • Both clinical and experimental Since 1973


MBBS, DO, MD/MS/DNB Ophthalmol since 1980 in University of India & Nepal


A number of National & International bodies & Societies Including Muthu Swamy Virtual University, Malaysia


  • Moscow, Japan, USA
  • FICO, Japan 1986
  • Fellow FORCE, India 1990
  • Fellow IMA-AMS, India 1997
  • Fellow International College of Surgeon 2000
  • Fellow National Academy Medical Sciences 2003
  • FAICO, AIOS 2014


Member of many National & International Professional bodies including Castroviejo Cornea Society, USA and Royal College of Ophthalmology, London, American Academy Ophthalmology, New York Medical Sciences


  • Best Resident Shield RPC in 1975
  • Many awards including
  • Prestigious ICMR Award (1997,2000)
  • V. Mahadevan best research Award (1999)
  • Dr. R.P. Dhanda – AIOS Cornea Award (2000)
  • P.Siva Reddy International Award,AIOS(2002)
  • Board of Members, Muthuswamy Virtual University (ICO),UK – 2002
  • Inter National Grand Master on Cornea (BOA) –2003
  • Fellow National Academy                                      -2004
  • BK Narayan Award AIOS                           -2004
  • Dr SN Mitter Oration,                                   -2005
  • Dr PK Jain Oration                                       – 2007
  • First woman in Cornea                                       -2008
  • IIRSI Gold Medal                                               -2009
  • All India Ophthalmological Society’s highest Award, Adenwalla Award                 -2010
  • Distinguished Services, RP Centre                         -2012
  • Distinguished ServicesAward, AIIMS                2012
  • KR Dutta Memento, AIOS                                     -2013
  • Rastriya Manyata, as Excellent Corneal Surgeon- Excellency in Ophthalmology 2013
  • Odisha State Ophthalmic Award                               2013
  • Indo Nepal Friendship Award                                 2013
  • International Community Ophthalmology
  • Award                                                                     2013
  • Cornea Society Award (USA)                   2014
  • Woman of the year ABO, USA1996
  • International woman of the year Cambridge, 1997
  • Best Citizen of India                                           1996
  • Bharat Jyoti & Bharat Gaurav Award               1999,2000
  • Bharat Excellence Gold Medal                      -2009
  • Country’s representative by GOI to International Conference IAPB organized by WHO at Nairobi to discuss on Corneal Blindness of India and to formulate guidelines to combat the same –1990
  • Guest of Honors at various states of India
  • Guest of Honors at Cairo by Egyptcian Ophthalmological Society-2007
  • Senior Academic Achievement Award by American Ophthalmological Society,USA-2007
  • Presidential Award by Egyptician Ophthalmological Society         -2013
  • Presidential Award by Royal Australian Ophthalmological Society               -2013


  • Punerjyoti – A periodical of EBAI
  • Indian Jour. Ophthalmology
  • Expert Clinical Ophthalmology- Peer Review Jour from West – Only Asian in Editorial Board
  • Ophthalmic Surgery News
  • Delhi Jour. Ophthalmology

ORATIONS- Delivered a number of Orations and Guest Lectures at national and International levels.


Over 250 Original scientific papers both National and International Journals, >100 Chapters in books, 10 Books in Ophthalmology including Eye Banking


  • A number of newer investigative procedures
  • Specular microscopy for Corneal Endothelial evaluation
  • Preparation, modification       & evaluation of MK Medium
  • Preparation of Eye Bank Manual
  • Preparation of OSD Manual
  • Eye Banking in India                          (1980)
  • Preparation of MK Media first time in India (1982)
  • Eye Donation Movement in India             (1982-84)
  • Establishment of Eye Bank Association of India             (1989)
  • Organ Act in India (1994)
  • Eye Bank Standard in India (1996)
  • Establishment of Eye Bank in Nepal (1999)
  • Establishment of Post Graduate Course, Nepal (1999)
  • Establishment of Ophthalmic Micro Surgery, Nepal (1999)
  • Help in Establishing a new Medical College, Delhi (2013)
  • Established the first Cornea Grafting Centre at (SMS&R) Greater NOIDA and NOIDA (2014)
  • Establishment of Ophthalmic Micro Surgery, (SMS&R) Greater NOIDA and NOIDA (2014)
  • A number of newer surgical & investigative procedures
  • Epikeratoplasty for Keratoconus
  • Amniotic Membrane Transplantation
  • Limbal Stem Cell Transplantation
  • Modified surgical management for Ocular Surface Squamous Neoplasia
  • Deep Lamellar Keratoplasty for Corneal disorders
  • Deep Lamellar Keratoplasty with Phaco for Cataract & coexistent Corneal disorders
  • Sclero Keratoplasty for management of Total Corneal Lesions
  • Manual PLK
  • Four lenticule preparation from single donor cornea for clinical use in four corneal blind
  • Combined Inlay LK with open sky PLK
  • Sutureless Keratoplasty
  • One Flap DCR 1979
  • Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery for Rocky hard cataract 1997
  • Management of Ocular Surface Squamous Neoplasia by Topical Mitomycin C 1997
  • Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery & Trabeculectomy for Cataract & coexistent Corneal disorders 2000
  • Corneal endothelial evaluation after topical MitomycinC (MMC) 1998
  • Glaucoma Valve Surgery 1999


  • Prepared Donor Eye preservation Media first time in India
  • Formulated the plan and established Eye Bank Association of India in 1989
  • Popularised Eye donation movement in India
  • Multiple lenticules from Single Donor


  • Prepared Donor Eye preservation Media first time in India
  • Formulated the plan and established Eye Bank Association of India in 1989
  • Popularised Eye donation movement in India
  • Multiple lenticules from Single Donor