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Dr. Nabin Kumar Pattnaik pattnaik.nabin9@gmail.com

He is specialized in Ophthalmology from the most prestigious Dr RP Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, AIIMS, New Delhi. He has presented at various international and national meetings and has written chapters in various textbooks. He has been Honoured Bharat Jyoti Award in 2003 for outstanding work in field of Ophthalmology, Rashtriya Gaurav Award in 2003, Dr RN Sabharwal Gold Medal in 2004, HUF Excellence Award 2014 for contribution in the field of Health Care.

He has received his MBBS degree from VSS Medical College, Orissa. He was trained at Christian medical college, Vellore. He has obtained his MD Ophthalmology from Dr. Rajendra Prasad Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, AIIMS, New Delhi in 1978. he was formerly at Dr. RP Centre (AIIMS) and Sri Ganga Ram Hospital and presently Director and Chief Eye Surgeon at DPLEI. He is specialist in Phaco, Vitreo-retina, LASIK, Diode Laser, YAG laser etc. he has bagged several awrds , delievered oration and has several publications and books to his credit.

He was trained in laser and vitreo-retina surgery under well-known Prof. Lund at University Eye Clinic, Munich, Germany in 1988. he has a distinguished academic career at AIIMS . His world in the field of ophthalmology has been recognized both nationally and internationally, for which he has been awarded by international bodies.

His pivotal role has been in the development of DPLEI – A Referral Vitreo-retinal Centre, where all modern diagnostic and treatment modalities are available. He has also published many scientific papers, especially in laser and vitreo-retinal surgery in various national and international journals.

During his last 25 years of practice in the field of ophthalmology, he has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience, which he is trying to share with others through his publications. He has visited a large number of countries all over the world to deliver lecture and participate in conferences etc. he has recently been honored with Bharat Jyoti Award 2003 for his outstanding work in the field of ophthalmology. At present, he is also a Technical Expert for NABH for assessment of Hospitals, Vice President, Consortium for Accredited Health Care Organization (CAHO) and Secretary General, Foundation of Ophthalmic and Optometry Research Education Centre (FOOREC)


Rashtriya Gaurav Award (Certificate of Excellence) in the year 22nd January 2003.

Dr. R.N Sabharwal gold medal awarded in the year 2003, New Delhi.

Dr. R.N. Sabharwal gold medal awarded in the year 2004, New Delhi.

Invited as speaker in American Academy of Ophthalmology Dallas in the year 1992.

Ophthalmic Research Association (Dr. Rajindra Prasad Centre) awarded Participation on Vitro-retinal Surgery, New Delhi in 1994.

Participation and contribution to the progress of ophthalmology in IV international congress of intra ocular implant society of India Calcutta 1994.

Contribution in the field of ophthalmology in Pan-Ophthalmological 1997.

Awarded certificate in the Free-papers for commendable contribution in 55th AIOS Conference 1997.

Certificate of Participation in DOS, ophthalmic Panorama 1998.

Awarded Certificate of participation Ophthalmic Panorama – 1998, New Delhi.

Participate Tanning course in different parts of Europe, particularly in Antwerp in 1999.

Awarded member of faculty in Delhi Diabetic Forum on prevention and future strategies in 1999.

Academy Excellence award (2000-2001).

Awarded certificate of Participation in India & intra-ocular implant & refractive Surgery convention in the year 2001

Awarded certificate of participation best paper in film festival held AIOC 2001 at Calcutta, India.

Awarded certificate of appreciation in Frontiers in ophthalmology in 2002.

Awarded Certificate in scientist deliberation at the 60th All India Ophthalmological Conference 2002.

Delhi Medical Association acknowledge with appreciation in 45th Annual Delhi State medical Conference 2002.

Participate and contribute inter active surgical session on small incision and phaco and its practical aspech in 2002, New Delhi.

Awarded certificate of Appreciation 100 DCRS credits in frontiers ophthalmology 2004.

Awarded certificate of participation 62nd Annual Conference AIOS, Varanasi 2004.

Participation in International Symposium on Diabetic retinopathy at TIFAC – CORE) 2004.

Certificate of appreciation in Delhi Diabetic Forum 2004.

Imaging vision 2005, Participated as chairman held at India international centre, New Delhi.

Awarded certificate of participation at 63rd Annual conference of AIOS Bhubaneshwar 2005.

Awarded Certificate in Distinguish Service at the XXVI Annual Convention Conference 2005.

Awarded by Ahmedabad academy of ophthalmology as chairman in XIVth National Symposium on Ophthalmology.

Delhi Ophthalmological society awarded certificate of participation to advancement of ophthalmology.

Awarded and contributed to the advancement in the field of ophthalmology at VIth international congress of the intra-ocular lens implant society, India.



More than 100 scientific papers presented at All India ophthalmologic Society (AIOS   & DOS),New Delhi from 1982 to 2005.

Scientific papers accepted for presentation at XXIXth International Congress of ophthalmology

(The World Meeting of Ophthalmologists Sydney, Australia)


Technique and principles of laser photocoagulation- edited 1995.

Technique and principles of vitro-retinal diseases (first edition)


All India Ophthalmological Society Life Member Since 1982.

Active Participation in AIOS-Annual meeting since 1978.

Delhi Ophthalmological Society:- Life member since 1978

Award wining P. Sabhrawal Conjugates 3-years (Gold medals)

Life Member National Society for prevention of Blindness.

Life Member India Medical Association.

Life Member Intra-ocular Implant and Refractive Surgery of India

Actively participated in National Conferences of AIOS and DOS. International Ophthalmological conferences, U.K. Ophthalmological Conferences, American Academy of Ophthalmological Conferences and various others international conferences on specialized subject in USA, UK, and others European Countries