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Eye Glasses for Kids

Choosing Eye glasses for kids is sometimes a big challenge for parents sometimes, especially in first time users. Here are some tips. Most children who need eyeglasses are either near sighted or farsighted. Depending on the degree of visual correction necessary, your ophthalmologist will prescribe glasses for full- or part-time wear.
Here are some tips to ensure the right eye glasses for kids 
o Avoid frames that will not please your childs’ personality and make him look uncool.
o Plastic frames are a better choice for children because they are more durable, less likely to be bent or broken, lighter in weight and less expensive.
o Each frame must be tried to make sure it fits the bridge. If any gaps exist between the bridge of the frame and the nose, the weight of the lenses will cause the glasses to slide, no matter how well the frame fits before the lenses are made. It is important that the glasses stay in place, because kids tend to look right over the top instead of the center of glasses.
o Temple that wraps all the way around the back of the ear help keep glasses from sliding down or dropping off a child’s face completely. You can try head band or ear loops for proper fit.
o Kids are not always careful when they put on and take off glasses, and spring hinges can help prevent the need for frequent adjustments and costly repairs. Spring hinges allow the temples to flex outward, away from the frames, without causing any damage.
o Lenses should be made of polycarbonate as they are lightweight and more impact-resistant. Also you can get thinner lenses if your child has high power glasses by choosing the right refractive index, which your optician can guide you the best.